Raft Wars

Raft Wars

Playing as Simon as he digs for diamonds in the sand and uses the money he earns to buy new raft parts, Raft Wars is a fantastic game.


In this episode of Raft Wars, Simon's younger brother made a fantastic find on the beach. While digging in the sand for anything, Simon stumbled across a diamond. Pirates from all around the world have heard his tale and now want to eliminate him for his fortune. In Raft Wars, you may board the raft and take charge of the battle against the bad pirates.


Using the mouse, you may choose the desired viewing perspective. You may adjust the power by clicking and dragging the mouse up and down. tennis balls and other objects may be used to knock out your opponents.

For maximum financial reward, shoot your opponent down with as few bullets as possible. You may then use that money on betterment options.

How to play

Aim: "Mouse"
Shoot: "Left Button of Mouse"

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