Eye Attack - Toilet Monster War

Eye Attack - Toilet Monster War

You may play Eye Attack - Toilet Monster War, a fascinating puzzle game, on our website without having to pay any fees. The primary objective of the game is to eliminate all of the monsters in order to advance in level.

Eye Attack: Toilet Monster War: Instructions

Eye Attack - Toilet Monster War is a game that you should consider playing if you are a great fan of the well-known Skibidi Toilet series or if you are looking forward to an exciting Skibidi game. It is sufficient to solve all of the problems in order to triumph over all of the Skibidi Toilet monsters in order to successfully complete this game. Don't forget to gather as many stars as you can if you want to level up as quickly as possible.

Main Features

  • While you explore and engage in combat with foes, you may play with your pals.
  • Discover the game's environment in three dimensions!
  • Join your buddies for even more exciting and exciting experiences.

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