Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's is one of the most popular and interesting horror games where you have to make it through five nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza without dying.


Your goal is to make it through five nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a place where strange things often happen. As a guard on the night shift, you have to watch the scary dolls through the security cameras in the restaurant and make sure they don't catch you. If you get caught, you're out of the game.
Why are the figures that move so scary? The animatronic characters act normally during the day, but at night they do strange things. They could catch you at any time if you aren't ready. Make sure you keep a close eye on the security cameras that are set up all over the restaurant. From your small office, you can watch the moving people. If something goes wrong, like Freddy Fazbear and his friends not being where they should be, you have to look for them on the screens. If not, go hide as soon as possible.

How to Get Ahead

Taking a call on the phone

In the last few nights, The Phone Guy's messages will get shorter. The Phone Guy left his last message on the fourth night. Look for clues in his phone.

Taking care when using electricity

Every night, there is only so much power that can be used. When the power goes out, you don't want Freddy to find you, right?

On the third night

Be very careful after the third night. On the third night, the moving parts will move around more.

Seeing how the moving parts work

Chica the Fox, Foxy the Pirate Fox, Golden Freddy, and Bonnie the Bunny are the five animated characters.

In order to prepare for the fifth night

That night, the phone guy won't have a message for you, so you'll be on your own. This is the last night for the animated characters to catch you, so they are working harder than ever.

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How to play

To move your vision, use the mouse.

To turn the light on, click the button on both sides.

To view different cameras, click the bottom arrow.

You can check your power source at the bottom left of the screen.