FNAF Sister Location

FNAF Sister Location

One of the most well-liked games in the FNAF series is FNAF Sister Location, in which you must use cunning technique to complete all chores throughout several locales.

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Sister Site of the FNAF The game's exciting new twist is provided by Custom Night. Like before, it occurs in an antique security office with electricity-powered doors. You need to stay alive during the shift so you can keep the monsters out. The player can alter the number of encounters to make the game more challenging. Increasingly adversaries are there as the game becomes more difficult to complete. Only the most devoted followers will persevere to the finish. To choose the desired roster, click on the pictures. Higher than 20 is not conceivable. The counter is then reset to 0. If you disable the warning icons, the breach alert messages won't show up. To view the surroundings during the session, move the mouse cursor around. Selecting the red controls will lock or unlock the vents and hallways. Avoid wasting too much oxygen and energy. Press the button at the bottom of the screen to see the video footage from the cameras.
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