Monsters TD 2

Monsters TD 2

In Monsters TD 2, you will encounter a wide variety of bizarre and grotesque monsters, and you will be tasked with constructing a variety of towers in order to prevent these creatures from accessing the portal that leads to Earth.

How to play Monsters TD 2

In Monsters TD 2, the most recent iteration of the game, your primary objective is to position the turrets in such a way that they are aligned along the rails in order to prevent your adversaries from coming any closer. By carefully positioning towers around the battlefield, you will also be able to defend the portals and exterminate the vermin enemy force. Do not overlook the importance of collecting all coins in order to personalize your characters.

Key Features

  • Controls and mechanisms that are simple to interact with
  • Gameplay that is centered on strategy
  • Extremely expansive tower control
  • Extremely fast-paced clashes

Zombie Frontier Shooter and Bazooka Monster are two options that you should play if you like playing strategy games. 

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