Bazooka Monster

Bazooka Monster

When you play Bazooka Monster, you are transported to a fantastical realm in which you are tasked with eliminating all of the monsters and collecting everything.

A Guide to Playing Bazooka Monster

Are you looking forward to an incredible Monsters game? Those who have a passion for monsters will find that Bazooka Monster is an excellent game to play. The only way to win is to take control of a warrior who is armed with a bazooka and exterminate all of the enemies that appear on each level. In order to find more effective methods of shooting and eradicating all monsters on Halloween Day, it is important to remember to bounce with other objects and to avoid other items instead.

Key Features

  • Explosions that have a flashing appearance that is lovely.
  • You are going to find explosive levels to explore.
  • Incredible video games based on physics

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