Labo 3D Maze

Labo 3D Maze

The incredible fight game Labo 3D Maze requires you to take control of one of five unique special characters while avoiding all of the traps included in the game.

Instructions for Labo 3D Maze

You must navigate through 24 mazes while avoiding all of the traps and obstacles and collecting all of the keys in order to play Labo 3D Maze. In order to find your path, you will need to keep an eye on the helpful map that is shown on the screen or look out for booby traps such as unexpected flames from time to time.

Key Features

  • Gather strong bots, construct them, and tinker with their powers.
  • You may choose your character and then personalize their appearance.
  • Work together with other players by forming a guild or joining one that already exists.

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How to play

  • Utilize the "W, A, S, D" Control Move.
  • Position of the camera: "Mouse"
  • Enter "Mouse Scroll" to zoom in or out, then press "E" to interact.
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