Maze of infection

Maze of infection

New action-adventure game - Maze of infection where you run about in a wacky lab and try to figure out how to get out!


The top-down survival game, Maze of Infection. When an experiment goes wrong, you find yourself in a hidden lab that has been overrun by zombies. To ensure your own safety, you must immediately make your way to safety. In order to progress, you must locate the key to the next level's exit.


Saki, his sister and nurse, reached out to me late one night, pleading for assistance. When I rushed to the clinic where she worked, there were a lot of individuals who had gone crazy. Going below ground at the medical center was the only way I could reach my sister.

  • You can aim more precisely with the help of the gyroscope.
  • To aim, just tilt your controller.
    Imagine one's hand is resting comfortably on the gun's grip.
  • It's a new map each time you play.
    Every time you play, you may swap out the map for a new one.


  • There are a total of 12 levels.
  • Labyrinthine Maps
  • Plenty and lots of zombies
  • Six types of weaponry
  • Various Zombies and Important Areas to Explore
  • Making Zombies Through Routine

How to play

WASD to move Left click to shoot

Scroll to change weapon

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