Mini Obby War Game

Mini Obby War Game

In Mini Obby War Game, an exciting adventure game, your objective is to escape being captured by waves of opposing forces. The game is a fascinating experience.

How to play Mini Obby War Game

You are tasked with completing all of the hard stages and vanquishing all of the adversaries in Mini Obby War Game, which is modeled off Parkour Block Obby. The only way to unlock all of the characters is to gather all of the coins. You must remember to leap from one end of the level to the other, and you must be extremely accurate in your motions in order to avoid falling into the absence of anything.

Key Features

  • Struggle against the horde of enormous foes on your alone.
  • To ensure your survival in the swarm, unleash your strength and ability.
  • Changing directions in order to live is a dodge.

Experiment with Parkour Block Obby and Nooby And Obby 2 Player if you are seeking for other role-playing games to play.

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