Parkour Block Obby

Parkour Block Obby

To complete the game Parkour Block Obby, you must overcome all of the challenges and gather as many diamonds as you possibly can.

Parkour Block Obby instructions

Simply moving forward without fear is all that is required of you in order to defeat Parkour Block Obby. Additionally, in order to prevent slipping into the Void, you need to make an effort to carefully plan out your movements. You will become a courageous parkour player if you play this game. There will be a variety of platforms that you will use rather than leaping on buildings. Remember that you need to amass a certain amount of diamonds in order to access additional targets and mechanisms.

Main Features

  • Try out a wide range of games that were developed by other people.
  • Engage in conversation and talk to other players.
  • Share your game with other people.

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