Ghost Escape 3D

Ghost Escape 3D

Your primary objective in Ghost Escape 3D, which is one of the most famous escape games, is to escape these horrifying regions by collecting all of the hidden pictures that are dispersed throughout the game. You may play this game without having to download it.

Instructions on Ghost Escape 3D

You have been transported to a fascinating world in Ghost Escape 3D, and in order to escape, you are tasked with gathering proof of paranormal activity in this home while simultaneously attempting to compile all five red candles. Because the game blends aspects of puzzle-solving with stealth features, it requires you to think quickly on your feet and maintain silence throughout the whole experience.


  • A game that is easy to play yet nevertheless difficult to master.
  • Discover new places to go to in order to enhance your ability to solve the case.
  • One that is not only exciting but also has a few terrifying moments.

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