Backrooms: SCP 173

Backrooms: SCP 173

Backrooms: SCP 173 is an outstanding horror-themed escape game that was inspired by Backrooms. In this game, your objective is to escape from the monster known as SCP 173 while ensuring that the light remains on.


A film with an ambient horror style, "Backrooms: SCP173" has a title that not only sounds eerie but also highly intriguing. The scary offices are now being haunted by SCP 173, which is the current monster. You have to make sure that your lights are on and steer clear of any angles. Each time you play, you should make it a goal to extend your game's survival duration.

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How to play

You can walk around using the WASD keys, press space to open your eyes, and use E to gather stuff like flashlight batteries. The last step is to press the F key to turn on the flashlight.