Backrooms 3: Boss Fight

Backrooms 3: Boss Fight

Backrooms 3: Boss Fight is a great Backrooms game in which you have to turn on five switches and eliminatel monsters to stay alive.


Backrooms 3: Boss Fight was an urban legend that turned out to be true. Many people looking for thrills were drawn to them by the endless corridors with torn wallpaper and buzzing lights. They were in for a bad time! There's something much worse than the world we live in. It hides in the dark hallways backstage. People say that behind the famous offices in one city, a monster lives. He wanders the streets looking for a victim who is curious enough to find him.

How to Succeed

Backrooms 3: Boss Fight is a scary adventure that will take you down dark hallways and into the scary eyes of horror. When you leave the office building, you'll be in a town where it's getting dark. You will see a big, horrible-looking creature with long arms. To beat him, you need to flip five switches. The monster won't make it easy for you to do this. You will need to scare the monster with a siren, and then run to the next switch.

How to play

  • AWSD/Arrow Keys - movement
  • E - flashlight
  • Shift - run
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