Roblox Doors

Roblox Doors

Roblox Doors was developed by LSPLASH and involves exploring murky corridors to escape a haunted mansion. There is something truly horrifying lurking behind every door. The game can be played alone or with a friend.

How to play

Roblox Doors allow players to navigate their way through a series of rooms in a group of four. The goal is to get through 100 rooms full of monsters, called "Entities," without losing your life.

There are some straightforward rooms in Doors, but many involve solving small puzzles. While there is no time limit in this game, players must be aware of some otherworldly beings that unexpectedly sweep through. A creature like Eyes, for example, drains your life if you look at it, and Rush, where you must hide from it once the game signals that it is nearby.

When you join the main experience, you can play with up to three other players. As well as vitamins that boost health and speed, the game also offers a flashlight to help players see in dark areas, which they can purchase with in-game currency. During your exploration of each room, you will find this currency in the drawers. Have fun!