The Backrooms Horror

The Backrooms Horror

You will encounter several horror jumpscares and screamers in The Backrooms Horror, an awesome escape game, and you must get past them all.

Instructions for The Backrooms Horror

It is obviously difficult to be imprisoned in an unknown place. Additionally, the more fear and horror you encounter the longer you remain there. The will to live is always stronger even though you are already thinking about how you will survive. If this situation does not sound too bad for you, start The Backrooms to convince yourself that you are braver than you think you are. It's not a classic horror movie, so you won't get the terrible jumpscares and screamers that are so common in this genre. Truth be told, however, is even worse because silence can sometimes be fatal. What's the purpose of all of this? You are in charge of a hero who is stranded in a labyrinth of rooms and corridors. It only makes logical that you start looking for a route out right now. From one room to the next and through corridor after corridor, the scene stays the same. Even worse, the walls all have the same strange patterns, and a harsh light buzz follows you around as if you did not move. Is it possible to escape this horrible yellowish labyrinth? You are responsible for finding it!

Rules for Success

In some rooms, you'll start to notice some odd things. Keep gathering them even if they seem pointless. You'll suddenly need these things later. Furthermore, the scattered papers are not garbage. Pick one up and give it a close look. You'll be surprised to see a message placed here by someone who seems to have previously encountered a similar challenge. Did that foreigner manage to escape? You are ignorant. Keep on because you never know where the exit may be; never give up. Simply trust that you will succeed. As you move on, you'll experience an unusual sensation of madness. Are you really experiencing that, or is your mind tricking you? Pause for a moment to remind yourself of your objectives. Do not allow your thoughts to get drawn into this gloomy environment. The effects of this trip on a particular person are unpredictable. The fact that the player in this game entirely controls the result is positive. There are several possible outcomes, and only the decisions you make will determine whether you succeed or fail. Accept this test to prove that nothing can sway your self-control, and you will succeed!

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