The Backrooms 1998

The Backrooms 1998

The Backrooms 1998 brings you to another world of our reality featuring a long corridor, yellow wallpapers, and various doors.

Instruction for The Backrooms 1998

The video game depicts a universe outside of our own as a vast, endless corridor with yellow walls and countless entrances. Only horrible monsters that hunt unwilling visitors exist; there are no people. A typical youngster who unexpectedly discovered himself in this strange location serves as the game's primary character. He must now locate the exit from this location.

He can try to unlock doors, but not all of them will take him to the true threats; some will only take him to the world as it is. Additionally, the interior may vary and the corridors may occasionally shift. For instance, there can be writing on the walls or headless mannequins. Everything is dependent on the character's mental state, which can deteriorate. The adolescent is capable of circling the hallways.

Rules for Success

Different items that the player finds in the rooms can be used. For instance, marking the walls in the corridors that the character has already visited may be done with spray paint. or note-taking paper. If the player hears any noises, they should seek cover under the beds, tables, or somewhere else because there are several creatures in this area. The player must be extremely quiet because the monsters can hear them thanks to their microphone.

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