Backrooms Trials

Backrooms Trials

The next installment in the Backrooms series, Backrooms Trials, is now available. Your primary objective is to analyse your surroundings and determine which passageways you will take in order to reach the three keys hidden throughout the level.

The Instructions for Backrooms Trials

Backrooms Trials take place in a spooky environment in which you are hemmed in by perilous surroundings. You will be given a terrible exam to complete, the results of which will influence the course of events for your protagonist. You have no choice except to flee in the face of your fears and defend yourself at whatever cost. You should try to avoid coming into contact with the monster that has the ability to drive you nuts just by glancing at you. In order to get out of the hallway as fast as possible, pay heed to any cries or eerie sounds you may hear. The fact that the creature just has scar tissue for a face is by far the creepiest aspect of the situation. Even the creepiest smile can't compare to the terrifying power of a good scar.

Some features of Backrooms Trials

  • A spooky ambiance, along with creepy music in the background
  • Participate in this terrifying but exciting and difficult game.
  • Find anything that may help you that are lying about the surroundings.
  • Keep an eye out for treacherous foes as well as traps.

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