Backrooms Escape 1

Backrooms Escape 1

You are about to go on an adventure in Backrooms Escape 1, and the purpose of the trip is to get out of a weird environment while staying alive.

Instructions for Backrooms Escape 1

Backroom Escape 1: Are you able to uncover the secret to getting out of here? In this maze that never ends, you are surrounded by the musty odor of freshly cleaned carpets and the hum of fluorescent lighting. You have to outlive everyone else here in order to break free. Explore a landscape that is always changing, orient yourself, and attempt to make sense of what you've discovered. Because they combine well-known features with unfamiliar ones, backrooms have an ethereal quality that makes them feel like they belong in a dream. Caution is absolutely necessary because any one of these obstructions could prevent you from escaping the Backrooms.

Main Features

  • Each level features difficult situational choices.
  • Discover the next step in the process by finding clues that have been cunningly concealed.
  • Put your problem-solving and logic-based talents to work to figure out these conundrums.
  • Find items that have been buried that you can use to get away.
  • Unlock further rooms and crime scenes.

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