Stickman vs Huggy Wuggy

Stickman vs Huggy Wuggy

Stickman vs. Huggy Wuggy is a stickman game in which the player must tap on Huggy Wuggy to cause him to take damage. Stick Brewmaster is your man.

Directions for Stickman vs. Huggy Wuggy

Play with the Huggy Wuggy! You will use your mouse to aim the weapon the stickman is holding, and then you will shoot it in order to destroy all of the Huggy Wuggy toys on each level. The fact that the game becomes increasingly challenging over the course of play contributes to the thrill of playing it.

The Stickman vs. Monster School Team is responsible for the development of this entertaining game. If you are having trouble approaching an adversary, you should attempt to use the setting to your advantage. If your bullet travels through lava, there is a chance that it will cause anything to move or ignite a fire.

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