Rainbow Friends: Escape

Rainbow Friends: Escape

A good time may be had with RRainbow Friends: Escape, which features some of the creatures from Rainbow Friends. Your objective is to acquire the cubes and position them in the centre of the playing field after you have done so.

Instructions for Rainbow Friends: Escape

To receive prizes, all you have to do is finish the many tasks that are presented to you. Steer clear of the rainbow monsters, since they will fight if provoked. Locate the different coloured cubes that are dispersed over the map and bring them together in the centre. Remember to collaborate with the other players in your squad in order to raise the score that is shown on the top screen.

Tips for Rainbow Friends: Escape

Find clues and play minigames to advance the story. Additionally, ensure that you remain concealed in the event that Rainbow Friends arrive. They have the same goal that you do, which is to kidnap the children.


  • You have the option of playing as a swordsman or a zombie hunter who will protect a city that is currently under attack from zombies.
  • Combating dangerous illnesses that have spread over the region, including terrifying creatures such as Freddy Bear, Mommy, Wugy Baby, Rainbow Friends, and Rainbow Friends.
  • No matter what part you are playing, you have to make it through to the very finish of the game.
  • Joining the zombie army will allow you to infect the globe with the horrors you love so much.

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