Gravity Balls

Gravity Balls

Gravity Balls is a game that replicates a universe where you have to master the art of ball control in order to overcome various challenges.

Gravity Balls Instructions

In order to access the portal, you will need to make use of gravity. The atmosphere in space is not one that is conducive to life. To complete the game, all you have to do is gather up all of the yellow crystals that you find along the way to open up new worlds and levels. The game also features collectible balls that, if found, award a variety of different bonuses to the player. Every game has its own unique approach to the perks system. If you have prestige, you will be able to start over with significant perks.

Main Features

  • Simple gameplay and mechanics that are intuitive to operate
  • Acquire a number of different cards.
  • An ever-evolving bonus structure
  • Activities based on the use of strategy

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How to play

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Space bar to use gravity skill
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