Fall Boys And Girls

Fall Boys And Girls

In the multiplayer version of Fall Boys and Girls, your goal is either to stay alive while watching other players get eliminated, or to make it through the obstacle course without getting hurt by any of the hazards!

Instructions for Fall Boys And Girls

In the game Fall Boys and Girls, the level of challenge grows as you progress through the game. The players' scores are reduced until there is only one left, who is declared the winner. In order to come out on top, you'll need to navigate your way through shifting levels while maintaining your equilibrium while immersing yourself in an intricate and vibrant world. The competitors who are the first to cross the finish line will advance to the subsequent series of tasks. Those that are slow to react and respond will come out on the losing end.

Main Features

  • Unlock and investigate a myriad of other worlds.
  • Paint and embellish the railroad tracks.
  • Join Thomas and his pals on the racetrack with Thomas and his friends.

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How to play

  • W,A,S,D - Run
  • Space - Jump
  • Enter - Chat with guys
  • Esc - Show mouse in game play


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