Five Nights at Shreks Hotel

Five Nights at Shreks Hotel

Your primary objective in the wonderful game Five Nights at Shreks Hotel, which was modeled after the popular video game Five Nights at Freddy's, is to go on a tour around the hotel that is based on strategic planning.

Five Nights at Shreks Hotel instructions

If you are looking for a wonderful spin-off of Five Nights at Freddy's, go no further than Five Nights at Shrek's Hotel is the perfect option for you. There is just one thing you need to do in order to win this game, and that is to survive against a fresh cast of hideous creatures from the Shrek world. Furthermore, it is essential that you make strategic use of the security cameras in order to monitor the people who are staying at the hotel and to prevent them from accessing the guard's office.

Main Features

  • When you first start the escape challenge, you are in a tight room that is faintly illuminated.
  • There are several hidden tunnels, traps, and riddles concealed around the estate, which are all very difficult to solve.
  • Maintain a vigilant ear out for every sound and navigate by items.

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How to play

  • Wasd/Arrow - walk
  • E - Interact with any object