Dark Barn Escape 3 – Mirrored Dimension

Dark Barn Escape 3 – Mirrored Dimension

An earlier version of Ainars' escape game was given a modern makeover by the developer in the form of Dark Barn Escape 3 – Mirrored Dimension.

Instructions for Dark Barn Escape 3 – Mirrored Dimension

You need simply accomplish the following to win: Investigate every angle of the abandoned barn; First, you have to crack open the strange chests to acquire the golden artifacts, and then you have to leave via the portal. A hive of activity formerly existed at the farm that served as the location of the gateway. The farm was a prosperous site that was home to a wide variety of animals and produced a plentiful crop. Following a peculiar sequence of occurrences, the landscape started to deteriorate.

The Primary Characteristics

  • You are about to enter a mansion that is laid out like a labyrinth.
  • If you are being pursued by a monster, you should flee the mansion.
  • Take pleasure in the eerie atmosphere created by the pulsating lights and eerie noises.
  • In multiplayer mode, you will be able to compete against your friends.
  • You may choose a terrifying monster from a list of options, or you can design your own.
  • Uncover a variety of levels, and get access to them.
  • When you look at the creature using the Mystical Eye ability, you will view it from a skewed perspective.
  • Consider examining a map that you have created in order to better plan your next move.
  • You are able to compete against other players using global leaderboards in a variety of game styles.

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