Noob Fuse

Noob Fuse

A 3D action game known as Noob Fuse, which is both very addicting and difficult to play. Your primary mission is to detonate a large bomb while simultaneously investigating a wide variety of buildings.

Instructions for Noob Fuse

You are about to embark on Noob's zany adventures. You just have to complete a variety of challenging challenges, discover the crystal chests that are buried inside the structures, showing that you are an excellent bomb maker, and show that you have incredible reflexes. After that, you are able to use the money toward the purchase of even more powerful weaponry. You can navigate around by using the arrow keys on your keyboard, leap by using the space bar, and switch weapons by clicking the left mouse button. This game has spectacular explosions, unique physics, and an enjoyable gaming experience. Do you have the title of supreme demolition master?

Main Features

  • A game centered on survival, Noob will keep you amused thanks to its unique gameplay.
  • Assume the persona of a savvy seeker or a cunning target, and act accordingly.
  • Put your talents to the test by completing tasks within a certain amount of time.
  • Collecting valuable things and currencies will allow you to purchase more powerful Power-Ups.
  • Explore a world populated by a wide array of characters such as Bear Fedy and Rainbow Friend.
  • Learn how each character's special skills may be used, and gain some spectacular new skins.
  • The gameplay of dropping items from one location to another is natural and fluid.
  • The breathtaking visuals really bring Rainbow House to life.
  • Choose your preferred mode of play, whether it be offline multiplayer, internet multiplayer, competition versus friends, or solitary sessions.

In Backrooms, you may play Noob Fuse, and you can also discover more casual games that are entertaining, such as Noob Rush vs Pro Monsters and Rainbow Noob Survivor. Enjoy playing now!

How to play

  • RMB – put a block of dynamite / ignite with a lighter
  • Mouse wheel – change of objects
  • The number “1” on the keyboard – select dynamite
  • The number “2” on the keyboard – choose a lighter
  • WASD or arrows – movement
  • Space – jump
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