Squid Mission Hunter Online

Squid Mission Hunter Online

Squid Mission Hunter Online is an excellent action game in which the objective is to escape the dangerous games that you are now playing. Nevertheless, they have been located and joined in wedlock.

Instructions for Squid Mission Hunter Online

Have fun playing the amazing new shooting game Squid Mission Hunter Online, which is a lot of fun. The game was influenced by a scene from the Korean film Squid Game, in which the participants come to regret their participation and make the decision to quit the facility. In order to earn money, all you have to do is compete in a difficult competition. Assume the position of the guard who is tasked with capturing adversaries who are too acquisitive, luring them outdoors, and then shooting them with a harpoon.


  • Unusual chance to portray the antagonist rather than the hero in the story.
  • Twenty difficult stages, each with a unique arrangement of obstacles.
  • The haunting visual style of the movie is instantly recognisable, and it pays homage to the original film's clothing and set designs.
  • Experience some of the greatest 2D visuals together with some unforgettable music in the background.

Games are inspired by Squid Drama

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