Backrooms Skibidi Terrors

Backrooms Skibidi Terrors

The objective of the new Backrooms spin-off, Backrooms Skibidi Terrors, is to avoid the Skibidi toilet and attempt to flee as quickly as you can.

How to Play Backrooms Skibidi Terrors

Check out Backrooms Skibidi Terrors if you're looking for fresh Backrooms and Skibidi spin-offs. You just need to keep running and avoid all Skibidi toilets in order to win this game. There are a lot of coins for you to gather, so you must exercise caution to get them all. In order to continue earning good grades, you must also survive. 

Guidelines to win

  • Every move you make puts you in peril because you never know when Skibidi Toilets will emerge from the shadows to capture you in his frightening grip.
  • Traversing intricate back hallways, troubled by the eerie existence of Skibidi Toilets.

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