Antique Village Escape Episode

Antique Village Escape Episode

The Antique Village Escape Episode game is a thrilling and exciting experience in which you are tasked with finding a novel means to escape from an old town.


This peculiar community is where the adventure will continue. Your dungeon is the secluded cottage with the locked door. Have fun with it and make the most of the opportunity to break up a boring day. Unfortunately, nothing went according to plan. You were unable to find your way out after being disoriented and lost. It was located in a short amount of time, but there were no tourists in the region, so you had to discover everything on your own.

You arrived at the location in no time, and immediately started investigating the surrounding territory. It turned out that the village was quite little, and there was nobody living there. It wasn't very big, and there was nobody there. You rapidly explored the neighborhood before turning around and heading back to your hotel when you discovered you were completely lost. You could also locate old artifacts that could come in handy for your escape strategy if you look hard enough. It is up to you to devise a plan for how you can put these things to use in some way.

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