Tunnel Rush 2

Tunnel Rush 2

The most recent installment, Tunnel Rush 2, is a step up in difficulty from its predecessor. In this edition, you must navigate through the tunnel while avoiding any and all obstacles.

How to Play

Tunnel Rush 2 is a product that was developed by Deer Cat Games.

2003 was the year that saw the first release of Tunnel Rush. On August 2, 2018, the second installment of Tunnel Rush was made available.

Your reflexes will be put to the test more than ever before in Tunnel Rush2, which has new difficulties. When played over extended periods of time, Tunnel Rush becomes progressively more challenging. Caution is very necessary for the player as they make their way through the neon-lit tunnel. As the tunnel narrows, it becomes more harder to avoid accidents with other vehicles.


You are free to acquire an unlimited amount of diamonds for the purpose of upgrading your ship. Maintain focus on the display as you keep your fingertips on the appropriate buttons.

How to play

Move by Pressing A, D, and the Left and Right Arrow Keys (Mobile) Simply tap and keep your finger on the side of the screen to the left or right.

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