The Kidnapped Ghost

The Kidnapped Ghost

In the fantastic clicker game The Kidnapped Ghost, you must aid the small ghost in escaping the clutches of dreadful witches.


A fascinating arcade game with horror undertones is called The Kidnapped Ghost. Your goal in this arcade game is to protect a small ghost from the witches and keep her alive.

This entertaining and educational game centers on a young girl ghost. She was turned into a ghost when she was little and now avoids going outside. The young girl attempted to skulk among the pumpkins to avoid being followed by the black witches. She awaited the gorgeous witch in red's assistance. Will she manage to elude capture?

The black witches will only take the pumpkin you give them, so you are free to do as you choose. Let's prevent the pumpkin-loving girl from completing the level and reaching the end. Changes will be made to the pumpkins. Be careful!


An engaging and fun arcade game
easy gameplay with simple controls
The fearful subject

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