Super Hoops Basketball

Super Hoops Basketball

A thrilling basketball-based sports game is called Super Hoops Basketball. The goal is to put the ball in the hoop and get as many stars as you can!

Instructions for Super Hoops Basketball

Do you enjoy watching sports, especially basketball? If you enjoy basketball, in particular, Super Hoops Basketball is a terrific game to play. If you can get the ball to that hoop, you can win the game. This may be accomplished by tilting the platform and allowing the ball to fall toward the basket. By revealing the basketball techniques that are hidden, you may score five more points. Since you only have 15 seconds to score in the Tilt Mode, it is more difficult.


  • Simple controls and gameplay
  • NBA with two different game types
  • Six distinct flags are present.
  • 16-color basketballs

For those who enjoy basketball and want to enjoy, swipe hooper might be a terrific game. If you like these kinds of games, you can also play Basket Random and Basketball Stars on your PC.

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