Super Buddy Kick 2

Super Buddy Kick 2

Your main task is to choose certain weapons and focus your fury on them without really inflicting any damage. Super Buddy Kick 2 is the most recent development of the Super Buddy Kick series.

Instructions for Super Buddy Kick 2

Someone who is looking for a game that will help them release tension and is searching for an entertaining game to play can benefit from playing Super Buddy Kick 2. To get a large quantity of money that may be used to purchase amazing weaponry such as handguns, Molotov cocktails, or even nuclear bombs, you can punish the dummy by punching it to death. You will feel a sense of excitement as you take part in the process of tormenting your friend since the game has included a variety of vibrant noises. In order to purchase stuff, you must remember to gather all of the coins.

Fantastic Features

  • You will be able to go crazy and blow off steam thanks to the additional weaponry, new equipment, and added features that are lethal.
  • You will also get one coin for each assault, and you will receive one hundred coins if you have eliminated one of your allies. 

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How to play

Mouse or Touch for play in Desktop or Mobile Devices.

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