Kick the Dahmer

Kick the Dahmer

Kick the Dahmer is a great action-clicker game in which you have to use the power of Metal Bar to blow up, destroy, and send power.


The person who tried to eliminate Serial Kick Dahmer is waiting to be rewarded. You can freeze, fire and shoot, blow up, or destroy. Don't even consider stopping! You now have rockets and grenades, as well as automatic rifles, tools for torturing people, and even a flamethrower. It's not just a game to play Kick the Dahmer. You want to have more fun? Even if your life is pretty easy, you should still work up a sweat.

Kick the Dahmer is a fun game about torturing people for fun. You can hurt the doll as Dahmer to get back at it. With each try, your score will go up and you'll be able to use new weapons.

How to play

PC controls: Use mouse click
Mobile and Tablet controls: Touch the screen to play
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