Kick Grimace

Kick Grimace

A fantastic brainteaser, Kick Grimace challenges players to think quickly and strategically in order to avoid losing the ball.

Notes for the Kick Grimace

Explore a wide range of challenging and enjoyable levels. To win this game, all you need to do is work your way through several challenging riddles. You are no longer need to make a financial investment in order to participate in the game. For those who are dedicated to Roblox, there are codes for Roblox games that will make you grimace. If you appreciate challenging your brain with physics-based puzzles, you should give this game a try. Make use of your brain, and refrain from dropping the red balls. Take an extra precaution with regard to it. You can't only focus on keeping up with the rest of the competition and trying to eliminate your rivals; you also have to pay attention to the road ahead of you. It's also a lot of fun to focus on putting down your opponents while playing Kick GrimaceD.

Main Features

  • You can increase the power of your weapons by upgrading them.
  • You can eliminate your competitor from the competition by drawing closer to them.
  • You can get more speed out of your motorcycle by using turbo pathways.
  • Easy and straightforward control

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How to play

Tap or click to play

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