Squid Battle Simulator

Squid Battle Simulator

Squid Battle Simulator is a fantastic action game in which the objective is to defeat all of your foes by making strategic use of your abilities.

Instructions for Playing Squid Battle Simulator

You are able to engage in combat with an army that is commanded by a manager and consists of armed troops. It is sufficient to choose the most effective troops for the circumstances at hand, place those units on the appropriate maps, and then stand back and watch as they engage in combat. After reviewing and adjusting your strategy based on the outcomes of each round, don't forget to finish the remaining tasks.


  • There are several levels, and each one has its own unique set of problems and situations.
  • The pink and green outfits have a look that has been seen before.
  • Because genuine ragdolls are being used in the action, it seems more authentic.
  • This game will stick in your head because to its creepy soundtrack and simple yet effective 3D visuals.

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