Slenderman VS Freddy The Fazbear

Slenderman VS Freddy The Fazbear

Freddy vs. Slenderman If you're obsessed with both Slenderman and Five Nights at Freddy's and you need to get rid of Freddy, the Fazbear is the greatest option!


Freddy and Slenderman Excellent 3D horror games include The Fazbear. If you like, you may play as Freddy. Then, they engage in combat with the Fazbear or Slenderman! The popularity of Slenderman, a well-liked and well-known horror figure, has declined in video games after the release of Freddy The Fazbear. The cute animatronic has to be removed. In this horror game, you may choose to play either the large, lovable bear or the unsettling, faceless bear.


  • Third-person horror video game
  • You may play as Slenderman or Freddy the Bear.
  • Easily controlled
  • high-quality 3D environment graphics
  • incredible gameplay
  • Lots of horror and action on a large map

How to play

  • WASD to walk around
  • Mouse to Look around
  • Left Mouse Button to Attack
  • Right Mouse Button to Block Attack
  • Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons
  • F to Pickup Items
  • Left Shift to Run
  • Left CTRL to Crouch
  • X to Prone
  • Space to Jump