Slayaway Camp

Slayaway Camp

In the wonderful puzzle game Slayaway Camp, you must eliminate all adversaries in order to make it to the exit.


A puzzle game with an 80s horror movie theme is called Slayaway Camp. You must torture the helpless teens who were coerced into setting up camp in the S'lay'a Way tribe's burial cemetery in western Cubetonia because you are the monster. The skull-faced murderer will try to slash the faces of every camper on a level in order to destroy them all while evading the police or trapping them.

How to play

  • Press BACKSPACE or R without applying pressure to stop a motion.
  • Press ENTER or click your mouse to utilize a BONUSKILL!
  • Press X to start again on a puzzle.
  • Press Esc in the game to return to the Video Store.
  • Press Q to invert the zoom.
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