Skibidi in the Backrooms

Skibidi in the Backrooms

Skibidi In The Backrooms is a great game in the Backrooms game series. The primary objective at hand entails the acquisition of videotapes through the utilization of stealth techniques, with the utmost priority being to avoid detection by Skibidi, a cunning being that traverses the premises of the backrooms.

Instructions for Skibidi in the Backrooms

The game titled "Skibidi In The Backrooms" has gained significant popularity due to its incorporation of characters and setting. This action game has garnered widespread attention among players. Do not forget to attempt to gather all of the video recordings and thereafter locate an exit point.

Main Features

  • Every game possesses distinct and individual characteristics.
  • Introduce additional tiers of weapon rarity for unlocking
  • Engaging in the fulfillment of daily, weekly, and seasonal missions.

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How to play

Use WASD or the ARROWS.