Sister Location: Night 1 And Half

Sister Location: Night 1 And Half

In the interesting FNAF-inspired game Sister Location: Night 1 and Half, you must keep an eye on and fix automatons while attempting to escape the chaos.


Night 1 and Half is a game that is comparable to FNAF Sister Location. It tells the tale of a young security officer who works for a Freddy Fazzbears Pizza subsidiary.


  • Traditional FNAF gameplay with aspects of survival, exploration, and puzzle-solving
  • The Minireenas and Ballora are two of the newest cybernetic abominations.
  • Amazing combination of hysterical humor and terrifying dread
  • Amazing plot with unexpected turns and shocks
  • 2D images may be produced in a stylish manner without taking up a lot of space.

One of the most well-liked games in the FNAF series is FNAF Sister Location, in which you must use cunning technique to complete all chores throughout several locales.