Silent Lullaby

Silent Lullaby

In the adrenaline-pumping video game Silent Lullaby, your mission is to conquer your fears by exploring the nightmare and looking for a means to escape.

Instructions for Silent Lullaby

This game is one that will give you nightmares! The location of the game is a murky and hushed dungeon. You are the only individual who is currently by yourself. You will need to locate the solutions to a number of riddles, some of which are quite difficult and convoluted. In addition to this, there are peculiar and Machiavellian occurrences. An ominous tale is told, and it is clear that it is meant to be a tribute to the American author Edgar Allan Poe. In this eerie adventure, you take on the role of Alice, who discovers that she is imprisoned in a gothic home that has a mysterious history.

Features of Silent Lullaby

  • A simulation that is tight, horrifying, and exciting all at the same time
  • You have the option of either becoming a human or a monster.
  • Create a terrible city out of a city that is currently unoccupied.
  • Use monsters and eerie dwellings to give folks the creeps.
  • The number of Monsters in this collection is enormous! Use these monstrous creatures to give your friends and family a good scare.
  • The city may take on a sinister air if more than 100 characters are involved.

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