Siren Head: Sound Of Despair

Siren Head: Sound Of Despair

The incredible horror game Siren Head: Sound Of Despair has as its primary focus the task of attempting to shield oneself from harm in every manner that is feasible.

The Instructions for Siren Head: Sound Of Despair

The video game Siren Head: Sound of Despair is played from the first-person perspective and takes place in a forest. A number of months after the bombing in Belgrade, you and your husband camped in the area around the city. Your spouse just vanishes out of the blue. You have a chance of winning if you take an axe, go into the foreboding and gloomy forest, and get yourself ready to face a monster.

Head of the Siren. Remember to flee without glancing behind you, take some objects that may be used as protection, and get to a safe place as soon as possible in the morning. It is time for you to demonstrate your courage by slaying that scary creature in a ruthless manner.

The Primary Characteristics

  • You will get to know a terrifying clown, as well as learn about various weapons and monsters.
  • There are a lot of issues that need resolution.
  • Put yourself through a number of different tests and tasks.
  • Incredible artwork as well as Sound Design
  • Take part in a contest that is quite difficult.

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How to play

  • WASD = move,
  • Mouse = aim / shoot,
  • F = grab / interact with item,
  • Shift = run,
  • Space = jump,
  • I = watch all controls
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