Funny Battle Simulator

Funny Battle Simulator

Funny Battle Simulator is a fantastic example of the shooting genre of video games. Your number one priority should be to wipe out all of your foes.


The Funny fight Simulator is a terrific game that starts a fight simulation. You may achieve victory in the conflict by using various deployment strategies throughout the battlefield with your troops. Don't forget to monitor the action from the air and study how specific squadrons operate on the field.

Main Features

  • There are several classes, and each one has its own set of capabilities and personality traits.
  • There are hundreds of levels, and each one has a distinct assortment of foes to fight.
  • Easy to understand and not too heavy on the visuals
  • User interfaces and controls that are intuitive

Related Games

  • Time Shooter 3: SWAT: Rescue the captives while dodging enemy fire, destroying them in slow motion, and advancing through the levels.
  • Funny Shooter 2: Collect money dropped by fallen foes so that you may purchase upgrades for your arsenal.

How to play

  • Left Mouse Button – Create Unit
  • Right Mouse Button + CTRL – Delete Unit
  • WASD – standard movement
  • WASD + Right Mouse Button (Hold) – Alternative Move
  • Shift – speed up the movement
  • Q / E – Rotate the camera
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