Shape Shift Run

Shape Shift Run

A fun and challenging racing game, Shape Shift Run challenges players to adjust their character's form to navigate around obstacles and breeze through checkpoints.

Instructions for Shape Shift Run

The interactive graphics in the entertaining online game Shape Shift Run are controlled by the player's finger movements. In order to go through this game, you will need to modify the shapes in accordance with the challenges. In order for the cube to get around the obstruction, fast adjustments are required. Because the game moves at a faster and faster pace as it progresses, it is imperative that each shape be completed in an extremely condensed amount of time. You have a very limited amount of time to complete all of the jelly shapes. Put yourself to the test!

Main Features

  • Fight your way through a number of challenges by kicking and punching with all of your might.
  • As you make more progress, more epic settings will become available to you.
  • There are a lot of amusing obstacles, some of which include rhinos, vultures, and jaguars.
  • Each character possesses a set of skills that are entirely their own.

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