Grimace Only Up!

Grimace Only Up!

Grimace Only Up!'s a fantastic installment in the Grimace series overall. Your primary objective is to triumph over all of the challenges and establish yourself as a hero.

Grimace Only Up! instructions

In the minigame known as "Grimace Only Up," the player takes on the persona of Grimace. Grimace is a bold figure who is out on an expedition to solve a platforming challenge that requires a vertical level of difficulty. Moving, jumping, and dodging from one object to the next as you make your way up to the end goal is the objective, which is both straightforward and challenging. Only Grimace will take you on an exciting adventure, so buckle up and hang on tight!


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  • You can give your weapons more power by upgrading them to their newest versions.
  • It is easier to eliminate a competitor from the competition if you are able to get physically closer to them.
  • The addition of turbo pathways can result in a noticeable improvement in the top speed of your motorcycle.
  • Easily managed and free of any difficulties

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How to play

WASD control the character, SPACE jump

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