Red Light Green Light

Red Light Green Light

Red Light Green Light, a casual game from the Squid series, is a great game in which you must beat the other players to win.

Instructions for the Red and Green Lights

The survival thriller Squid Game on Netflix has gotten extremely excellent reviews. Fans of the drama should not miss Red Light Green Light. To win, simply follow the music and dolls to the finish line as soon as possible while avoiding being shot. As the enormous doll sings with her back to you, the light in the upper right corner of the screen becomes green. Then you'll have to race to the finish line. When she stops singing, the light on the screen will turn red.


  • Based on the Squid Game, a new immersive action game has been released.
  • Investigate many levels with varying degrees of difficulty.
  • The levels are continually being updated.
  • Simple controls and gameplay
  • Realistic audio and vibrant graphics

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