Roof Rails

Roof Rails

The game of Roof Rail is a fantastic test of agility. Your primary purpose is to collect a sufficient quantity of sticks such that the tools you carry are of an appropriate length.

Instructions for Roof Rails

In the game Roof Rail, you have to grab rails, slide quickly to the next roof, dodge death traps, collect bricks, catch coins, and grow your bar. All of this while avoiding death traps. It is possible for you to throw away the poles that you have acquired if you do not dodge the obstructions. It is to your advantage to have a greater number of poles. There is no difficulty caused by gravity. Have fun with this game right now!

Main Features

  • Play each track in the sequence that it was included.
  • Engage in combat with all of your adversaries and difficulties.
  • Bring your heroes' gear up to date by upgrading it to the most recent models.
  • Your player character might have a look that is unique to them.

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