Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure

Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure

Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure is a great puzzle game with the theme of horror and you need to solve all puzzles as soon as you can to escape.


Nothing is worse than having to live out the remainder of your days in prison. especially if you were falsely accused. That is exactly what happened to the game's main character. He is currently sitting in his camera, completely disoriented and angry. He is being incarcerated in the former Alcatraz prison. He won't, however, remain here. Is there any way out of this awful situation? You have a high possibility of discovering it if you search closely!

Rules for success Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure

Investigate objects that might be necessary for carrying out your escape strategy and solve puzzles. Every time, a different area will be used. You will be able to flee from far-off islands covered in forest, the Himalayan peaks, and even a Maya temple. You must discover the secrets hidden in each of these locations. It won't be easy to find your way out of a difficult maze, but you must try since you really have no other option! The game is interesting and enjoyable, and you'll experience tension throughout every gameplay session. Enjoy your unique journeys to the strangest places on earth, and with each successful escape, hone your talents at escaping from locked doors. Who knows, maybe they'll be useful to you in the future!

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