Obby Minecraft Ultimate

Obby Minecraft Ultimate

Obby Minecraft Ultimate is a brand new game that was developed by Obby. It has 35 unique levels that each have their own unique gameplay elements.

Obby Minecraft Ultimate instructions

To earn Obby Minecraft Ultimate, all you need to do is get through all 35 difficult stages while using Obby. You are going to leap on platforms that are located over a large river that is quite loud.  This will get more difficult to do with each successive level due to the fact that some of the blocks will be positioned in an asymmetrical manner, while others will begin to move. Both leaping and moving are the two controls that you have access to while you are not playing. 

Main Features

  • Relax and enjoy yourself while playing a variety of multiplayer minigames.
  • You may make your own multiplayer game and then publish it for other people to play.
  • Investigate the games that were developed by other gamers.

Fantastic games with Obby

How to play

Desktop Controls:

  • Mouse to move camera
  • WASD to move
  • Spacebar Jump

Mobile Controls:

  • Use the game buttons to move, jump
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