Nextbot Rainbow Friends

Nextbot Rainbow Friends

This fantastic Rainbow game, Nextbot Rainbow Friends, challenges players to find their way through the maze-like backstage passages.

Instructions for Nextbot Rainbow Friends

I am excited to have you join us backstage! Because there is no one else nearby, these are the only locations where terrifying creatures will go to enjoy their meal. You'll find yourself in the halls behind the stage, right next to one of the Rainbow Friend team's terrifying monsters. Both online and offline access is available for Rainbow Friends, similar to Rainbow Friends: Noob in the Maze. Because of this, it is available at any time and in any location. Because it is completely free, absolutely anybody can play it and download it. Participate in the battle against the zombie creatures and begin the most horrifying game of hide-and-seek ever played.

Main Features of Nextbot Rainbow Friends

  • No matter what part you are playing, you have to make it through to the very finish of the game.
  • Joining the army of zombies will allow you to infect the globe with the creatures you like as in Impostor Survivor vs Zombies.
  • Pull to move, and aim at your foes to crush them.
  • If you are playing as a human character, you may kill zombies with firearms or swords. If you are a zombie, you may also hunt down people and infect them with your disease.
  • Experience never-ending gameplay, stunning 3D visuals, and a plethora of customization choices.
  • You may play games both online and offline whenever you choose.
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