Keep Zombie Away

Keep Zombie Away

In the thrilling adventure game Keep Zombie Away, your objective is to race inside the home as fast as possible and lock the doors. After that, you will need to ensure your safety by lying down on the bed.

Instructions for Keep Zombie Away

Increase the level of protection by rushing inside the safehouse, locking the door behind you, and swiftly getting into bed. Remember to purchase new upgrades, construct towers, and engage in head-to-head competition with other players all while attempting to wipe out the zombie horde. Construct stronger fortifications around the area so that you will be able to withstand an assault by zombies. If you do not update your chamber, the undead will quickly and humiliatingly beat you, and you will have no one to blame but yourself.


You will win the game if you are able to hold out longer than any of the NPCs or any of the other players. You may use the money you have obtained towards the purchase of enhancements and defences that will assist you in accumulating further coins. Additionally, you need purchase weapons in order to defend yourself from the zombies or to more effectively eliminate them.

Main Features

  • Horror with a dash of gore and puzzles
  • A horrifying video game that has a horrific story.
  • A terrifying video game packed with unexpected turns, puzzles, and mysteries.
  • You may play the game either online or off.
  • A terrifying video game with accompanying sound effects and images that are true to life.

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